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Ashley Lewis


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Ashley Lewis is the founder of Grateful Women Organization and she is committed to helping women who experience sex trafficking and domestic violence and are looking to escape. Ashley's goal is to rebuild our community and restore the lives of others. Ashley is committed to advocating and raising awareness. Ashley obtained her Medical Assistant degree in 2016 has a passion for caring for people.

Kera Drame

Executive Director

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Kera was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI and currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Kera was inspired to do her part in providing resources for her own community. Kera is also the Co-Founder of Grateful women and Board Chair  member who also is a survivor and has overcame every obstacle. Kera’s travels and work with underprivileged individuals brought her to the conclusion that there is never enough help for people in need. Kera aspires to continue her travels offering help and resources to people around the world in order to end poverty as we know it today. 

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